What Others Are Saying About The Five Step Freedom Formula™...

“It was great as it literally focuses on 5 steps to freedom. The programme has given me the focus, encouragement and confidence, I needed, moving forward for what I want to do down the line.”


Well it was a short programme, 5 weeks, but certainly covered enough ground to identify how you are as an entrepreneur and how to moveforward for your own personal success. The first part was particularly revealing as it got us to evaluate such things as career, family, attitude, health and to think about areas we want or need to concentrate on to bring more balance to our lives as certainly for me I was neglecting certain areas. It’s not just about work, work, work at being an entrepreneur. We also got to learn about the various classes that we can potentially gain wealth through which was enlightening. Rounding off, we focused on one business strategy rather than working on different ideas like I had been doing. Christian is a great mentor and teacher and genuinely cares for the people that he comes into contact with at Escape The Rat Race. I certainly would not have any hesitation in recommending his 5 Step Freedom Formula.’’

P. Paul - Interior Designer at Property Restylez

“I quickly realised that my ‘Little Voice’ has been holding me back from ‘pushing the button’ on my business”


I’m only on the 3rd step of the programme, but am already seeing great results. The sessions and the exercises given have been very thought provoking and challenging. As a result, I’ve already seen positive changes in the way I think, speak and act. I’m now building plans to get to where I want to be in various areas of my life.

S. Hall - IT Manager

“The main benefit is that I now feel like I know myself a lot better.”


I decided to join the programme as I had listened to a lot of your podcasts (and others) over the past 7/8 months and decided that I needed to take some action rather than just reading / listening all the time whilst on the train. It’s helped me focus on what I enjoy, what I’m good at and that I should be more comfortable in my own skin because I can still build wealth being ‘me’. The programme has helped me focus more on the journey and what I want to achieve. I’m still only at the start but I feel like I’m in a better place now and have more clarity than I did before I started. I would recommend this programme to anyone who knows they can do more with their life but is a little confused as to which direction to take. For me it’s set me on a path and I feel like a whole new world is slowly beginning to open up. You just need to take a little bit of action.’

G. Herrington - Head of Energy Claims - Lockton

“A great foundation to help you decide and move forward to achieve the freedom you desire.”


The Five Step Freedom Formula™ is a great foundation to help you decide and move forward to achieve the freedom you desire. Each week focuses on a different topic and introduces other people that can help on your journey. I now have specific action points and am grateful for help provided.”

P. Borkett - Financial Services Software Development Consultant

“My mindset has changed massively. I now think about building wealth, freeing up my time and working to specific outcomes that generate money.”


I joined the FSFF program as I was looking for some Macro level thinking rather than being down at the tactical level with what I was currently doing. I was looking for direction, options and to spend some time with others who were looking for similar outcomes to me. In the time I was completing this program I realised that I actually liked my day role (Commercial Contractor) and I ended up making the leap to operating out of my own Limited Company as a Consultant. I also dropped the business I was working at the time as I realised I had no love for parts of it. I’ve now been focussing my efforts on my own personal brand in conjunction with my consultancy work. The biggest benefits areaccountability. When you pay for something like this, when you have to work in between each session and when you need to do strategic thinking at this level, you cannot help but shift your mindset. Overall, it has given me more to think about and direct results which are already making me a little bit wealthier.

D.Barnes - Director at IKAROS Consultancy

“The programme has been brilliant. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who is feeling stuck in their work situation and would like to bring back more freedom into their life.”


I remember speaking to Christian in the first call about how, even though I was already self-employed, I was working ridiculous hours and had created my own ‘Rat Race’. In the last five weeks I have made room for the things that are really important to me again - life has got a lot more fun again! The reason I think that the programme is so extraordinary is that it has given me a lot of focus, something that I previously thought that it was impossible for me to have. You receive a lot of support as part of this programme, from Christian himself as well as the other participants. The group was brilliant - great people all doing really interesting things and I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone. Total cliché, but they say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, Christian Rodwell was that person for me! Thank you so much.

L. Reid - Property Investor

“It’s helped me tremendously by getting me to focus and choose a lane.”


Christian Rodwell’s Escape the Rat Race is, I feel, the only coaching andmentoring monthly meet up group that gives you both the knowledge and
practical tools & resources to allow you to do just that. Christian keeps you fully accountable which led to noticeable results after the 5 weeks, and hasn’t stopped there.

R. Malhotra - Property And Business Consultant and Entrepreneur

“I found the The Five Step Freedom Formula to be a well structured, proven programme that has really helped me understand what is driving me”


“I’d subscribed to the ETRR podcast for a few months, listening on my daily commute and really related to the content, contributors and Christian. I’d recently created my own eCommerce business and was busy with a young family, corporate job and playing in a band. I’d always had entrepreneurial tendencies but never been able to fully explore them, had been exploring a number of options and felt like I was bursting with ideas but unable to prioritise or focus.

The Wealth Dynamics test has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and who to work closely with to create a high performing team. We reviewed finances and how to accumulate wealth building assets. We looked at what it was that was holding me back and finally we created a plan to escape the rate race.

Christian really went the extra mile, pushed me beyond my comfort zone, helped me visualise where my business concept could take me and connected me with people who had been there and done it.’’

Andy Labrum - Business Change Manager

“This programme is so much more helpful, informative and comprehensive than many £1k to £2k programmes.”


I have just completed this course and I must say that it is more helpful, informative and comprehensive then many 1k to 2k programmes. Each week we were given valuable strategies to overcome different mindset blocks and by the end of the course we could take positive action. This is the course that you should seriously consider if you are thinking of escaping the Rat Race. It will help prepare you for the life of an entrepreneur.”

O. Oliver - Lead Generation Specialist

“Before the The Five Step Freedom Formula™ Programme I only had an idea.”


Christian helped me to focus on my foundations which gave me clarity. The five weeks disappeared so quickly and I really enjoyed the group sessions. I’m now building my connections and making new ones. Loved it, thank you!”

N. Stephens - Director at MDR London Ltd T/As MDR Associates

“Fantastic!! A course I was able to fit easily around my busy schedule.”


The guest mentors throughout the five weeks made it interactive, friendly and brought massive added value throughout. Each session was very eyeopening. A great kickstart for my own business!

S. Maestranzi - Designer

“Flow session was a real eye opener for me”


At work and home and the restaurant cafe business it seems like I had to know everything to create, sell ideas and manage processes & administration work. I always found it difficult in selling or getting my ideas through to people. It helped me understand that one needs a team and not one individual who is specialised in every area of a business.

C. Ramaiyah - Restaurant Owner